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23-06-2008 ::: THE WILD SPIRAL 'SHOW(and grow)CASE'

We have had many enquiries asking us how you can become involved in raising awareness and helping out in general with the 'wild spiral' mission.
So after much deliberation we have come up with this!

An open invitiation to all artists/producers......

Wild Spiral would like to produce a digital audio visual package with artwork and video clips - of your creations.
Heres how it works......
You send in an original peice of music, artwork or video - with the inspiration being
'Wild SPiral - respect to the hardcore - Mother Earth'

We listen, look and make a selection from all submitted tracks/graphics/vids to be included on the download - all artists selected will be credited accordingly.
The download becomes available from selected outlets - with all profits going to a specific environmental project.

The Show(and grow)Case will be open for submissions from now until September 23rd. The final selection of tracks/artwork/vids will then be selected. We hope to have the finished compilation ready for download by November.

Finished tracks should be no more than 5 minutes in length and submitted in MP3/4 format.
Artwork should be maximum 72dpi - 600pixels Jpeg
Video clips should be format flv/wmv 320x240 best resolution on 100 mb - Max 5 min.

All submissions should be sent to
and include your name/artist-name/telephone number.

Please note that all submissions that are eventually selected are donations - any monies from eventual download sales will go directly to a specific tree planting project - of which we will have more information on in the coming weeks.
All rights to the materials selected will remain with the artist.

You must agree to the following statement.

If my submission is susequently chosen for inclusion on the WILDSPIRAL SHOW(and grow)CASE, I hereby agree to license, for free, my (music/artwork/video) to WILDSPIRAL for (non exclusive) digital release.